No Matter How Much Security You Have In Place, Experienced Hackers Can Get Through It In Seconds And Shut Off Your Business.

Hackers have dark web communities hidden deep in the cracks of the internet where thousands of them find weaknesses and entry points in software we use on our websites.


They share the holes they find with each other and create a virtual army of ninja hackers that are able to sneak onto your server and unleash havoc.


They edit files, They send malicious spam emails by the thousands, and they replace your website’s pages with their own.


So, what should you do to win the fight with these slimeball hackers Create backups on top of backups on top of backups.


Most importantly, you have to be able to deploy your backups on top of their malicious code quickly.


With Dozens Of Options For Server Backups, What Makes Quirkel Better Than Any Other?


We’ll never hold your data hostage.


We can also never be compromised due to the unique way Quirkel works.


Instead of having a hidden server farm somewhere (that those same dirty hackers could sneak their way into), we connect with services you already use.


By being the “middle man” between your host and your data, we are the most secure option you’ll find.


If you’ve looked at any of our competition, you’ll find that most of them hide their membership levels and pricing behind a conversation with a sales person.


We decided we’d prefer to give you total transparency and see exactly what we have to offer and exactly how much you’ll pay to use it.


We make it “one-click easy” to restore your websites. It only takes a few clicks to set up.


Quirkel Gives You The Power To:

Push a single button to backup your website(s)

Whether you have made a critical site change or a simple update and want to be sure that it’s backed up, with Quirkel you can run a full site and or database backup anytime, on demand. Your backup files are instantly saved to your preferred online storage site.

This also gives you the ability to remove all power from hackers. If you get hacked, simply upload the backup and you win (it’s a good idea to change all of your passwords if this ever happens to you).

Don't need a full backup? No problem. We made it super easy to backup specific files or databases!

Backup scheduled by you to happen automagically

Set up your online storage destination, the frequency of backups, your preferred time to backup, and the number of backup files you want. Once you’re done, Quirkel works for you automatically and securely backing up your assets based on your settings.

These automatic backups are the thing that will keep your business running.  It’s not just hackers that you have to worry about.  Have you ever tried to update something simple and have your entire website break?  It may not have happened yet, but it will. When it does, you want daily backups that you can use to repair your busted site quickly.

One of our coolest features is where we'll only allow (up to) 5 copies of any backup. Once you hit 5, we'll simply remove the oldest one for you automatically.

Point and click site restore

Whether a site you own or manage has been hacked, files have been corrupted, or even if your hosting company has disappeared on you entirely; thanks to Quirkel you can fully restore any site you own in just minutes and with push button ease.

Whether you have made a critical site change or a simple update and want to be sure that it’s backed up, with Quirkel you can run a full site and or database backup anytime, on demand. Your backup files are instantly saved to your preferred online storage site.

Restoring your webite or database is very simple - you just log in to your Quirkel account, select the site to be restored, select Site or Database. Once you do that, choose the file you want to restore and which source (if you back up to more than one place). Then in just a few minutes, your site is back!

On Demand or Automatic Autoresponder Backups

You love the ability to send an email and see sales notices, so it makes sense to guarantee you can always contact your customers and prospects. Whether you want to move your subscriber lists to a new email service provider or just get an up to date copy, you can run a list backup on-demand, anytime. Quirkel sends a CSV file to your online storage provider including date added, name, email, signup IP, and all the crucial list details you need.

Automate Your Backup

Maintaining an up to date copy of your email lists is smart, because those lists are some of your most valuable marketing assets. Once you’ve set up your storage destination, backup frequency, and your preferred time to backup Quirkel will automatically and securely back up your lists totally hands free.

Even more reasons to start using quirkel right now

What makes Quirkel different? Here is a simple list of what separates us from the other options out there:

  • World class support

    Quirkel was built to be simple to use. But if you’re ever in need of assistance we’re just a click away. Our friendly support staff can resolve any of your backup concerns quickly and easily.

  • Easy for anyone to use

    You shouldn’t need your own in-house IT staff to use tools that manage your online assets. We engineered Quirkel to be simple to use for anyone, no matter how experienced you are.

  • No File Size Limitations

    We won’t assess surcharges, or force any upgrades because of large file sizes. Quirkel has no file size restrictions on any of its levels. You’re only limited by your storage account.

  • Nothing To Install

    Our web based program runs on our secure servers so you know your data is protected. Plus there’s nothing to install, so you can be using Quirkel for your sites just minutes from now.

  • Customizable alerts

    With our customizable alerts, you can be notified immediately by email every time a backup is complete, so you’re always in the loop and aware of your backup status.

  • More Than WordPress

    Quirkel works for all types of websites including WordPress, Joomla, or HTML. Quirkel can handle the backups for you so you don’t have to worry about losing valuable data ever again.

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