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Yes! Once you set up your site(s), you can then schedule your sites and databases to back up on a predetermined schedule. Back up daily, weekly or monthly!


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Yes! In fact, all of your backups are saved in YOUR cloud account(s) so you can download them, save them, and if needed, restore them.


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Of course!


When you set up your backups, you can select how many copies you want up to 5.


Why 5?  We limit this to keep your cloud accounts from getting "filled up" with copies you really don't need. Imagine setting up a daily database backup job and forgetting about it for a year. Without a limit that would be 365 backup files. No one needs THAT many...


Quirkel is designed to keep UP TO the five most recent backups of any file or database backup job. When you reach your chosen limit, it will simply remove your oldest file(s). If you feel the need to keep an old version of a backup, simply log in to Quirkel, select the file and download it to your local computer.

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Currently, you can save your backups to:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Box
  • IDrive
  • One Drive
  • Amazon S3
  • You can also FTP your backups to another domain!

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Yes indeed!


As you may have read previously, we currently support 6 Cloud services, as well as FTP destinations. What that means is you can save your site to one, two, all or any combination of destinations. You can even set up multiple FTP destinations provided you have space on multiple servers.


Think of the possibilities. If you have 50 sites, you can back up all 50 to the same destination, all the destinations, or in any combination!

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Many other backup services save your backups to their own resources. So the more you want to back up the more space you need - and the more expensive it gets.


Quirkel NEVER stores your backups to our own resources. Your space is only "limited" by the cloud service(s) and their limits.

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This will depend on how much you plan to back up and the cloud service(s) you choose.  With Quirkel's Enterprise Package you can back up unlimited domains and databases for one price.


As of this FAQ here are the services we use and the cost of their basic service:

Destination Service
Free Account? Upload File Size Limit Storage Limit
Dropbox Yes (Basic) 250 MB 2 GB
Google Drive Yes Up to 5 TB (or as big as your account max) 15 GB
Box Yes (Personal) 250 MB 10 GB
One Drive (MicroSoft) Yes Stated at 5 GB 15 GB
IDrive Yes (Basic) Stated at 2 GB 5 GB
Amazon S3 No* Up to 5 TB Unlimited
**FTP Cost of Hosting Limits of Webhost Limits of Webhost
*Although S3 does not have a free level account, it is VERY affordable. Our test account saw approx.. 20 GB storage and about 40GB transfer for a total cost of $0.67 per month. This example is from 19 backup jobs per day.
**FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It’s simply a way to upload and download files to and from your website. This option is more for those who have multiple web hosts already. However, anyone can use it.

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Right now, Quirkel integrates with two well known email autoresponder services:


- Aweber

- Get Response


What this means is that you can connect to these services if you have an account and automatically save your email lists. This is a good practice in case the service you are using decides to cancel your account or goes out of business. For many in the on line business world, your mailing list equals money.


Note: You can NOT use Quirkel to restore your backed up email lists to these services.

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Yes! It's as easy as logging in to your account and clicking the Cancel Account link in the menu! You don't need to submit a ticket or speak to Support.

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Nothing. The files all reside in YOUR cloud account(s). You can access them anytime you want.  You can even continue to log into Quirkel to download them.  You just cannot continue to back up or restore your sites once you cancel.

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Technical Questions

The answer depends on a few things.


Your website does not need frequent backup for a few reasons. These days, most website design, layout, etc remains mostly static. With the popularity of content management systems, such as WordPress, most of your content is added through an interface and stored in your database.


Given this, the suggested backup interval for the site itself (the FTP backups) is once monthly, unless you have an HTML site that you update frequently.


The suggested backup interval for your database(s) depends on how active your site is. If you add a lot of new content (articles, etc), or you add new users to your membership site, or your plugins update frequently - you should consider weekly or even daily.

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Quirkel will be happy to assist you with your first backup job. One of our friendly support staff will personally walk you through the process.


You can also request through our Help Desk we set up all of your sites, etc for a fee. This will be determined by the number of sites/databases you want backed up and how many cloud services you need set up.


Finally, you can check our Help Videos that can be found in your Control Panel. They're very detailed and can help you get through your setups.

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In a manner of speaking...


First, for those who may not know what that means, an incremental backup simply means that after the initial FULL backup, the subsequent backups will only look for changes in files, sites, data, etc and back those up.


The approach we take is simply to back up the files and data you select - every time.  It's done automatically, hands free and does not use YOUR resources (other than your storage space), so why not? Additionally, you can download your full backups any time you want and use them to manually move your site to a new domain quickly and easily.


Finally, when you set up your backup jobs you CAN back up only selected files and only selected data tables if that's your preference.

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There are 2 ways.


- On the login page, simply click on the Forgot Password link and follow the directions. A new password will be emailed to you.

- You can also go to and submit a ticket. One of our friendly support technicians will reset your password for you.

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